[Auto Prospector] Get Started with Auto Prospector

We killed manual prospecting and below is a quick guide how to set-up and operate the Auto Prospector® from Salestools.

Step 1.

Firstly you need to setup persona's that you which to identify in companies by clicking here

We recommend having the following Persona's

- Decision Maker
- Influencer
- Business User

Step 2.
Setup your plays in Playbooks designed for each of the targeted Persona's to ensure you reach out the right way.

Step 3.
Now the fun starts you can set up your Auto Prospector Play by defining your ICP and how many companies you want daily, and which persona's and how many we need to prospect for each company (fully automated). 

After you press save your Auto Prospector Play it wills tart executing shortly after and add leads to your Play in Playbooks and execute according to your desired settings. If Auto Prospector is set to run Monday-Friday and you start it Monday it will keep running daily except the weekend.

BE AWARE if you update a Play it will run again shortly after and that can trigger more saved accounts and leads that specific day. Also the stats will reset.

Step 5.
Click play to start your campaign

Step 6. 
Monitor your performance in Playbooks and ensure your are optimizing each step along the way by A/B split testing what works.

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