Enrich Salesforce with Technographics

We are please to announce the Salesforce Tehcnographics Enrichment for Salestools Customers.

Firstly you need to install the following AppExchange package click here

Go to Salestools click this link and edit Salesforce integration and turn on:
Technologies. Sync to Lead's Custom Field
Technologies. Sync to Lead's Relation Object
Technologies. Sync to Account's Custom Field
Technologies. Sync to Account's Relation Object

After installation you need to add the Custom fields to Leads and Accounts see more here:

Go to Settings and search Fields and choose leads and accounts after each other and then click Page Layouts and install the packages

After press save to deploy.

Remember we can only enrich with the tech stack if the company has a domain name so make sure accounts and leads has domain name.

Result will look like this (Keep in mind we update the data on Salesforce every 24 hours) so you might not see results the first day after setting it up.

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